Beachwood Buzz



About Us

Beachwood Buzz was established in 1996 with its mission of enriching the lives of Beachwood residents by being a publication about the Beachwood community, for the Beachwood community,and by the Beachwood community.

Shortly after its inception, relationships were established with Mayor Merle S. Gorden and City Council to create and publicize ''City Council Update'' as an effective way to communicate with the Beachwood community on a consistent and timely basis.

Recognizing the importance of representing all aspects of our community, relationships were then formed with the Beachwood Board of Education to publicize ''You and Your Schools''; and the Beachwood Chamber of Commerce, providing monthly opportunities to publish relevant information about its programs and benefits.

Thanks to the Beachwood community and our advertisers, this business model continues to be the most effective way to reach the Beachwood market.


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